Why Corporate Yoga?

Research says, that the health and well-being of your employees and staff is the ultimate indication of how often they will show up to work but also those that have an opportunity to take a meaningful break during a work day, and eating at your desk doesn’t count, will be more productive when they return.

Yoga can help counteract some of the unpleasant and undesirable physical and emotional impacts of long-term sitting, gazing at computer screens, heaving lifting, and overall fatigue.

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Available options include,

Series Yoga Classes

Infuse yoga into your existing employee wellness program by featuring regular group yoga classes at the office


Provide an opportunity for your staff to focus on what would make them truly thrive.

Staff Retreats

In the process of planning a fun-filled day of team building, budgets, and strategic planning, why not break up the day with an opportunity for staff to move their minds in a different way.


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